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Okay, here’s the scoop . . .

I've been drawing and writing my whole life.

As a kid I often drew pictures to go with famous stories.
I kept sketch journals of my life, too. 
One of my favorites is from when I visited Mexico as a teen
with the Spanish Club in high school.
And two were entered in the Detroit News Scholastic Writing Awards,
where I won two thick red dictionaries with my name 
engraved in gold. 
I still have the sketchbooks and the dictionaries.  :)

As a grown-up I worked in the advertising field, drew 
cartoons, illustrated for newspapers, created all sorts 
of art (including lots of t-shirt art), and won 6 national essay
-writing contests.

Then I started writing and illustrating kids' books, and 
discovered that's what I want to do for the rest of my life.

It was a long, tough road to publication. I worked very hard, 
rewriting and redrawing many times, trying to make it my 
best -- and I am still learning. I’m still taking classes and 
pushing myself to do a better job on each book.
When I was little I thought famous authors and illustrators
did their art perfectly the first time. I learned that's hardly 
ever true.

I grew up in the Detroit area and now live in Lansing, 
Michigan, with my family and a couple dogs. 
I have the best friends and family IN THE WORLD. It’s true.

Things I like to do in my spare time: Play games. Practice 
martial arts. Read, write and draw. Study science and nature.
Find humor in the mundane. Play the harmonica. Camp. Hug my grandchildren. Learn new things.


Something I do a *LOT* of: travel. Charlie and I visit schools
all over the country, connecting with readers of Ellie McDoodle,
and we have a great time together on the road.

Ellie McDoodle: Have Pen, Will Travel was my first book for 
kids. I’m very excited about what comes next.


I was 14 when I drew this portrait of my family when I was 7. 
I’m the girl in the top row, middle. I wanted to be a great artist. 
I had a long way to go. I did one thing right, though: PRACTICE. 
I drew a LOT. Still do...


When I was 15 I went to Mexico with the Spanish Club in high school, and drew this market scene in my sketch-journal.




When I was 16 I drew this page in my sketch-journal. It’s me, getting ready for work at a hamburger restaurant.
Do I look like Ellie McDoodle? Maybe a little.


That’s me, above. The photo was taken by Betty Mannino McClellan. She’s one of my favorite sisters. :) I have four sisters, all younger than me (and all favorites, of course!).
This is me a few years ago when I was short.



This is me at age 10, on Christmas, with my favorite gift: Mini Dragons. It was like Creepy Crawlers -- using Plastigoop and a heated Thingmaker, I made parts of dragons and put them together, like 3-D puzzles. 
Best toy, ever. Probably dangerous, though.
Those are three of my favorite brothers in the background.
I have four brothers: two older and two younger.


A lot of the things that happen in my books are
inspired by real life. When I was a kid I loved
playing Spoons with my brothers and sisters.


My kids are hilarious. They say funny things 
so often that I have learned to always keep a 
pen and paper handy, to write it down before I forget it.
This is my son, Joey, when he was about 6.
This picture still makes me giggle. (so does my son)

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 Leopold the lion 

These are my books, so far. I plan to write lots more books of all different kinds.
For photos and book cover images for interviews and appearances, please go to my media page

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